Do you want to have to repaint your nails every few days, or would you rather spend time to enjoy an elegant afternoon tea party with friends?

Traditional nail polish dries fast, but proper application takes far longer than we can usually afford to give. The problem is that traditional nail polish has to not only dry but also cure, in its own time, which can take several minutes even if you have a nail dryer. Even something as simple as a base coat, single color, and top coat will often get smudged by everyday life before it has time to cure—and it comes off so easily that just washing dishes can make you have to put it on again.

Gel polish has all the fun of traditional polish—color your nails or just protect them!—but without those downsides. The polish both dries and cures under the lamp, in less than a minute. (Okay, maybe a little more if you load up on a lot of layers.) It’s also extra durable, so a single application can last two weeks, and it adds a layer of protection to your nails that traditional polish lacks.

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