Gel Removal Tutorial

Roughen Nail Surface

Roughen the nail surface, buffing off as much cured gel as you can. Be very careful NOT TO DAMAGE YOUR REAL NAIL. You only need to buff off the top coat, we'll take care of the rest later.

Soak Removal Wrap

Soak the cotton part of the NadiaGel HNC Gel Removal wrap with NadiaGel HNC Peach Nourishing Gel Remover. You want to stick with good quality gel removers, as some gel removers can damage your nail.

Wrap Finger

Wrap the fingers with soaked NadiaGel HNC Gel Removal Wrap. Make sure the cotton has good contact with the nail. Place the longer side of the wrap in parallel with your finger, short side toward the nail edge.

Wait for 10 Minutes

Get yourself a cup of coffee (or tea), let the gel soak for 10 minutes.

Push Gel Off Nail Surface

Select your favorite NadiaGel HNC Gel Color Coat, shake the bottle by rolling it between your two hands to mix the polish. Apply a thin layer from cuticle to edge. Be careful to keep the cuticle free from the gel. Seal the edges of the nails. Use the cuticle pusher to remove any gel that touches the cuticle or skin.

Clean Nail Surface

Wipe the nail surface clean. You can also clean the nail surface by washing your hands. It is normal if the nail feels dry and rough.

Apply Cuticle Oil

Finish with NadiaGel HNC Nourishing Cuticle Oil. Our secret vitamin E enhanced ingredient helps protect the cuticle and skin surrounding the nail. Rub the finger tip for best absorption. Use the cuticle oil frequently to maintain healthy and happy hands.