Gel Application Tutorial

Push Cuticle & Buff Nail Surface

Use cuticle pusher to push back the cuticle. Gel Polish often starts chipping if the coating is on the cuticle rather than the nail surface. This preparation is a very important step towards long lasting nails.
Use nail buffer to slightly roughen the nail, removing oil and dust on the surface. Be very careful and be gentle with your nails!

Clean Nail Surface

Wipe the nail surface clean and remove oil and dust remaining on the nail surface. A clean surface is essential for long lasting nails. It is normal for the nail surface not to feel as shiny and smooth after it is clean.

Apply NadiaGel HNC Gel Base Coat

Apply a thin layer of HNC Gel Base Coat. Start from the middle of the nail surface and then finish the sides. Make sure the gel does not touch the cuticle. You can always wipe it off before curing under the lamp.

Cure for 1 LED Cycle

Place the 4 fingers (index to pinky) under the NadiaGel HNC 6W LED lamp and push the button on the top of the lamp. The lamp is programmed to light up for 30 seconds. Repeat the same step to cure the thumb. It is normal to feel the gel curing. Take your hand out of the LED lamp for 2 seconds if it gets too hot.
NadiaGel HNC Gel dries instantly after curing under the NadiaGel HNC LED lamp. Plus, all of our products are wipe free. There's no need to clean the nail surface after curing. Rest assured and continue to the next step.

Apply HNC Gel Color Coat

Select your favorite NadiaGel HNC Gel Color Coat, shake the bottle by rolling it between your two hands to mix the polish. Apply a thin layer from cuticle to edge. Be careful to keep the cuticle free from the gel. Seal the edges of the nails. Use the cuticle pusher to remove any gel that touches the cuticle or skin.

Cure for 1 LED Cycle

Place your hand under the NadiaGel HNC 6W LED lamp and push the button on top to cure the color coat. The lamp will light up for 30 seconds. DO NOT TOUCH the cured color coat before sealing it with NadiaGel HNC Gel Top Coat. Oil on human skin will impact the final result.
Apply multiple thin layers of NadiaGel HNC Gel Color Coat until it reaches the desired color saturation. You can mix and match any color or top up a plain color with glitter to create your very own design. Remember to cure for 1 LED cycle for every layer.

Apply NadiaGel HNC Gel Top Coat

The last step of the process is to seal all the colors and give the design a shiny look. Apply a thin layer of NadiaGel HNC Gel Top Coat from cuticle to edge. Use the same technique, start from middle of the nail and then out towards the edges. Seal the edge to prevent chipping.

Cure for 1 LED Cycle

Cure your unique nail art work with the NadiaGel HNC 6W LED Lamp. The top coat will cure in 30 seconds under the lamp. You may press the button again for an additional 30 seconds to have that peace of mind.

Finish Up with NadiaGel HNC Nourishing Cuticle Oil

Reward your fingers with NadiaGel HNC Nourishing Cuticle Oil. Apply our secret vitamin E enhanced ingredient to the cuticle and skin surrounding the nail. Rub the finger tip for best absorption. Use the cuticle oil frequently to maintain healthy and happy hands.

Congratulations! You just completed your nails work of art. Enjoy a better way to shine!