When Nadia meets HNC

Nadia Global, founded in 2016, by a group of nail art enthusiastics with lots of passions to bring the best products around the world to the USA. Our mission is to bring the highest quality non-toxic gel to the market at an affordable price. We believe that using gel is as easy as brushing your hair, getting your nail down shall not require an 2 hour appointment at a nail salon.

HNC Enterprice Corporation is an ISO 9001 certified company with over 20 years of experiences in beauty industry, specialized in state-of-the-art nail product for salon including nail polish, acrylic nail, and gel nail. Its international education network across Asia is one of the most complete system to learn everything from painting your own nail to opening a professional nail salon. HNC is also a leading member of TSIA salon industry association.


Join us here at Nadia & HNC family. Rest assure, all of our products are free from harmful chemicals, 100% non-toxic.