NadiaGel Soak Off Gel Nail Professional Kit

What is a Gel Kit?

A gel kit is your personal saloon for a nail job. It contains all the things you need to get a gorgeous gel nail color on that could last for a few weeks to come. It offers a sense of relief for those who are on the go, or do not have the time to visit a salon. And above all, it offers freedom to do your nails as you please.

What Does the Gel Kit Include?

The gel kit that is offered by NadiaGel includes all the basics that you need to get started on your gel nail journey. The kit includes:

  • 5 basic colors which are the Girls Heart, Typhoon, Leo, Twelve Fairies, and Redemption of Evil. So you can pick the one you feel fits your personality best this week.
  • You will find a base coat that is designed to help you protect your natural nails.
  • And a top coat to ensure that the lock has been locked in, and offers strength and shine.
  • To make sure that your nails and cuticles are in good shape, there is a bottle of nail nourishing cuticle oil included.
  • An electric powered LED lamp, to help dry off your gel polish.
  • A double sided - long nail file.
  • Five wood cuticle pushers in orange.
  • And to help you get creative, a small set of nail art stickers.

Why is it Ideal for Traveling?

The Gels Soak Off Gel Nail Polish Professional Kit is ideal for when you are travelling, because it is small in size and can easily fit into your luggage. As it comes with a kit box, you will not have to worry about anything breaking, one of the nail colors spilling all over your clothes. This way, you can easily take it out, use it, and place it back in it's box and store it away. So your nails look perfect at all times. Because there is no reason why your nails should not look perfect at all times.

Why Should You Invest in NadiaGel Soak Off Gel Nail Professional Kit?

There are countless reasons why you should invest in NadiaGel soak off gel nail professional kit, and we have listed a few for you. 

  1. Non Toxic - these gel nail polishes are non toxic, and made using a safe formula so it helps keep you and your nails healthy.

  2. Lasting Shine - the colors of these gel nail polish are not just pretty, they are shiny and offer a great glossy touch. And the colors in the kit are enough to help you look trendy and chic.

  3. Easy Removal - these gel nail polish offer an easy removal that will not destroy your nails in the process. And it will come off in a few minutes. You will not be required to rub or wipe them off.

These are some of the main advantages the NadiaGel Soak Off Gel Nail Professional Kit has to offer.