How to Use Gel Nail Polish

Gel nail polish is applied like regular enamel nail polish, but gel has the ability to harden and look similar to an acrylic manicure. The process is so easy, that you can easily do it at home, with friends, and even alone. This is a fun process, and you can easily avoid manicure costs for a few weeks. However, before you buy gel nail polish, here are a few things you need to learn about the gel nail polish application process. Which will help you achieve a salon quality manicure, that you can flaunt for weeks to come.

Supplies You Need

There are more steps when applying a gel nail polish, when compared to enamel nail polish. Which is why the process requires a few specific supplies. There are three gel nail polish products you need.

  1. Gel base coat
  2. Gel color coat
  3. Gel top coat

 You will start by cleaning your nails, and will require cuticle pusher, nail file, and nail buffer. Once you have used them, you will need wipes to remove all the excess that has come off. If you are planning on painting your toenails as well, you will need toenails separators. The only other supplies you need is an LED lamp, and nourishing cuticle oil.

How to Prepare Your Nails and Cuticle

Before you start applying gel nail polish you need to clean your fingernails. Make sure you do not have any old nail polish on. Start by using the cuticle pusher, and get rid of all the cuticle. Then use the nail buffer to clean your nails, and clip them to your desired length. Use a wipe to remove all the nail dust, and give them a few seconds to dry.

How to Apply Gel Nail Polish

First comes the base coat, which is a thin layer. Make sure you have long and even strokes, and avoid overdoing it. Keep in mind that you need a thin and even layer of the base coat. Once, you have applied it properly, you will need to cure it. So grab your LED lamp, and let your cure for 30 seconds. Spend 30 seconds on your 4 fingers, and cure the thumb separately for 30 seconds.

In the next step you will be applying the gel color coat. This will require two coats, but start with the first one. Once you have covered all your fingers and toes once, then apply another layer. Grab your cuticle pusher to clean any gel polish that might have slipped out and clean it before curing. Follow the cycle of curing for 30 seconds again, so you can move on the last application step.

Now, it time to apply the gel top coat. Keep in mind that you need to apply a thin and smooth layer, so try to long and even strokes. Make sure you lock in the sides to help prevent against chipping. Once you have applied it, it's time to follow the cure cycle again.

Read our step-by-step Gel Application Tutorial to learn more on proper gel application process.