Fashion Tips for Fall 2017

Many women feel that it is not tough to put together and outfit. As all you need is a top, bottom, and shoes, and you are done. But if you do follow any celebrity or It girl, you would have noticed that there is a huge difference between an outfit, and the “outfit” they wear. As they are so inspiring, and offer such great concepts. From their coats, to their accessories, each aspect is perfectly in sync. If you follow them, you must know the basics of fashion, and would definitely know how to put together an outfit. However, as the season is about to change, we decided to give you a few heads up, so you do not feel lost in the few initial weeks of fall. As you might need to freshen up your wardrobe if you haven’t had a chance in a while. 

  1. Denim - denim is not this fall, and there is no way you can go wrong with a classic denim jacket. But there is no need to contain it to jackets, you can try on denim accessories, coat iterations, etc. As the sky is the limit for denim this fall. However, just because denim is hot this fall, does not mean you go overboard with it. Wear one denim piece at a time, and try to control your denim obsession.

  2. Statement Boots - there is a complete range of statement boots this fall, and you can pick the one matches with your personality the most. As many feature a unique texture and pattern. These statement boot will help you stand out in any crowd. Keep in mind that black boots are classic, and will always be in style. However, this fall is the time to change things.

  3. Textures - there is not wrong with mixing a few textures, as they will help you feel chic. These textures can be silk, velvet, cashmere, and any other texture you can find. The only thing you need to keep in mind while mixing textures is that you should make these standout pieces go together well. The key here is to pay close attention to patterns and colors.

  4. Breaking limits - there is nothing more fun than pushing your limits, and especially in the fashion world. So try on two seemingly different styles. For instance, you can pair a femme skirt with a nerd chic sweater. While there is some room for experiment, but try not to get too creative. So your outfit does not end up looking like a Halloween costume.

  5. Layers - layers will not just help you stay warm this fall, they are one of the simplest way to look fashionable. So keep in mind that layering might be essential and chic, but there is something called too many layers. The key here is to watch proportions, and do not add too much bulk to your body.

  6. Accessories - now that you have a general idea on what to wear, now you need to know how to accessorize this fall. There are four things that will be all the rage this fall, and they are statement sunglasses, broaches, vintage newsboy like hats, and oversized bags. But keep in mind, that one of these will be enough for the day, but it should match up with your look.

  7. Makeup & Nails - while fall calls for subtle makeup, but this fall you should consider adding some color to your nails. The colors you should be looking at are deep reds, and jewel tones. If you wish to stay subtle, than some nudes, or gradient colors will be ideal for you.